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The Cows

We currently milk 2 registered Jersey cows, Lila and Poppy. They are turned out on pasture and roam free, coming to their names when called. They eat a well balanced diet of primarily natural Montana grasses and supplement their diet with loose minerals and grain to maintain health and vitality.  They are disease tested for Brucellosis, TB, BLV, BVD and Johnes. They do not calf share and are milked once a day. 


Lila is pictured above and she is a 5 year old Jersey. She is a bowl full of personality and has the hugest heart. She loves to be scratched and loved on. 

Poppy is pictured to the left and she is a 6 year old Jersey. She is the alpha cow and also a sweet heart who loves her scratches. The two cows are always together and have developed a close bond.

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